Need Help Applying for a Waiver?

The first step in determining if your loved ones need extra help is asking the right questions. Here are a few to consider. If the answer to even just once of the questions is ‘yes’, it may be time to consider applying for a waiver.

Has there been a recent crisis?
Does the individual bathe lesss often?
Are pills left over or running out too soon?
Is he/she becoming more forgetful?
Have there been recent falls?
Have there been any recent weight loss or gain?
Is his/her hearing affecting daily function?
Is his/her vision affecting daily function?
Does the individual need help walking?
Is he/she verbally or physically abusive?
Is he/she able to run errands alone?
Are there scorch marks on dish towels?
Is routine house cleaning not being done?
Is his/her clothing changed daily?
Have social activities diminished?

Can you say Yes?

Remember, there are so many positives aspects to getting a little extra help, so don’t be afraid to evaluate each question thoroughly.

Steps to Apply for Waiver Service

Go to:

PA Independent Enrollment Broker (PA IEB) is also known as Maximus.

The link listed above is the PA IEB site to apply for services as well as finding out if they are eligible for services.

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