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Providing Compassionate & Comprehensive Care

At Maple Leaf HomeCare, our team is here to provide care to seniors. We are a team of highly-qualified professionals in Philadelphia who are here to give the caring and compassionate service that we feel everyone deserves. Our home health care aides are fully committed to professionalism in their service and operate under the highest standard of ethics and quality. Unlike so many others, we guarantee client satisfaction because we deeply care for the people we give care to and their families.

Each of our team members is experienced, and they have been given thorough background checks. They undergo training and are bonded. Our care plans are written by a licensed nurse, who is constantly supervising and supporting our team. Everything is arranged on our end in case the need for a substitute suddenly arises.

At Maple Leaf HomeCare, we consider it our personal mission to provide the most caring and supportive service possible. We achieve this by showcasing our core values during each and every day assisting you or your loved one.

Each of our values is of extremely high importance to us:

Comfort – Comfort comes from properly maintaining safety, well being, health, and quality of life. Our professionals ensure that each aspect is well-taken care of.

Affection – We believe that each of our clients deserves love, compassion, empathy, and dignity, and our interaction with them will always reflect this attitude.

Respect – People of all different backgrounds will be fully respected, especially in regards to religion, orientation, age, gender, culture, and ethnicity.

Integrity – Our team will always act with integrity and honesty, and will be discreet with client confidentiality of information.

Nurture – We create a nurturing environment for our clients and help them get the privacy, independence, and security they desire.

Generosity – Our aides are generous with compassion and care, and we exemplify unselfish, good-heartedness.

One – Our team considers themselves as one entity who exists to provide support and care to those who need it most.

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If you are looking for an in-home health care service, we can conform to your specific needs. We offer both live-in and part-time care for our clients.

Furthermore, we have a thorough knowledge of programs that can assist clients with costs and to help them get additional services that are beyond the scope of our ability. Whatever you need, we will be happy to fit it to your exact preferences and needs.

Service Areas

Maple Leaf HomeCare currently services four counties; Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester.

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